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Leading Industries Statistics

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Recent Fordham University graduates are working in diverse industries around the globe, most launching careers in positions related to their college major. The Class of 2018 found work in nearly every sector of the economy, contributing to the ever-growing ranks of the Fordham alumni network.

2018 Leading Industries

Industry Number of Graduates
Investment Banking 146
Advertising, PR, and Marketing 99
Healthcare 95
Accounting 84
Journalism, Media, and Publishing 76
Investment/Portfolio Management 69
Internet and Software 57
Legal and Law Enforcement 55
Non-Profit - Other 43
Performing and Fine Arts 38
Higher Education 34
Movies, TV, and Music 31
Real Estate 31
K-12 Education 27
Sports and Leisure 26
Fashion 25
Retail Stores 23
Commercial Banking and Credit 20
Insurance 20
Other Industries 227
Unreported 149
Total 1,375