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Medical Plans

As part of our commitment to providing high-quality, world-class benefits to Fordham University employees, we engaged UnitedHealthcare to provide our Medical Plan benefits, CIGNA for our Dental Plan benefits, and VSP for our Vision Plan coverage.

The information that you need for the health and welfare benefits provided by Fordham can be found with each individual benefit plan for which you are eligible by selecting that plan name, or you can access what is called a WRAP Summary Plan Description (SPD) that incorporates all the health and welfare benefit plans for benefits-eligible Faculty and Administrators, Local 153 Clerical Employees and Local 810 Maintenance Employees.

There are currently three medical plan options for benefits-eligible faculty, administrators and members of Local 153.

Enhanced Standard Option

Find out more about the Enhanced Standard Option with a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA).

Health Investment Option

Find out more about the Health Investment Option with an HSA.

View the 2019 rate sheets.

Use this Medical Plan Cost Estimator to compare your estimated out-of-pocket expenses under each medical plan option, so you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

The third option is to waive coverage.

Faculty and Administrators

If you are a new benefits-eligible Faculty member or Administrator and wish to waive medical coverage for 2019, you are entitled to an opt-out credit of either $4,000 to waive employee-only coverage or $8,000 to waive family coverage. In order to waive medical coverage, you must certify that you are enrolled in medical coverage provided by a source other than Fordham University.

To get the opt-out credit, you must list dependents on the dependents page who would otherwise be eligible for coverage. If no dependents are listed, you will receive the employee-only opt-out credit. The credit you receive for waiving coverage will be pro-rated based on date of hire.Local 153 Members

If you are a benefits-eligible Local 153 member and wish to waive medical coverage for 2019, you are entitled to an opt-out credit of $75 per paycheck.

Medical benefits for Local 810 members are provided by the union and all benefits inquiries (outside of flexible spending) are to be directed to the union at 212-691-4100.