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2013 Prize Winners

First Prize Winner

Taylor Jacob
Fordham College Rose Hill, '14
Struggling with Ethics in Practice: From Classroom to Emergency Room

Second Prize Winner

Gerald Welch
Fordham College of Professional and Continuing Studies, '13
The Ripple Effect

Third Prize Winner

Moses Hubbard
Fordham College Lincoln Center, '15

Honorable Mentions

Josselin Aldana
Fordham College Rose Hill, ‘16
The Smile that Changed Everything*

Conor Barry
Gabelli School of Business, ‘15
America’s Transparent Hunger*

Michael Dauber
Fordham College Rose Hill, ‘15

American Culture as Destroyer of Virtue and Morality*

Margaret Desmond

Fordham College Rose Hill, ‘16

Stephen Henderson
Fordham College Lincoln Center, ‘15

The Real Imperative in Inequality*

Kathleen Hughes
Fordham College Rose Hill, ‘14

Ethics Classroom*

Karishma Kapoor

Gabelli School of Business, ‘15
What is Morality?*

Andrew Montelongo

Gabelli School of Business, ‘16
Learning to Serve and Defend the Helpless*

Matthew Schrepfer

Fordham College Rose Hill, ‘15
Against Ethics*

Anthoula Vasilou

Fordham College Rose Hill, ‘16
Black and White*