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Changes to Spring Academic Calendar Fordham is modifying its academic calendar in anticipation of a national resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic this winter. Full Details


Taking a Stand

Robin Lenhardt talks about her scholarship and the Center on Race, Law and Justice.

Read the feature Taking a Stand.

Behind Bars and Other Graphs

John Pfaff’s data-driven research reveals an original theory of the rise in the U.S. prison population.

In the Red, White, and Blue

Professor Richard Squire explains why bankruptcies and bailouts are a necessary part of the American way.

Read the feature In the Red, White, and Blue.

Tax Time

Professor Linda Sugin has a broad and unique approach to tax law.

Read the feature Tax Time.

Legally, and Morally, Binding Arguments

Professor Aditi Bagchi's research explores the full spectrum of contract law.

The Power to Change

Professor Deborah W. Denno's interdisciplinary approach to criminal law yields groundbreaking results.

No Man's Land

Professors Martha Rayner and James A. Cohen represent clients indefinitely detained at Guantanamo Bay.

Presumption of Guilt

Professor Kimani Paul-Emile studies the problematic use of criminal records by employers.

Clear and Convincing Evidence

Professor Daniel J. Capra shapes the rules on evidence and criminal procedure in court as deftly as he teaches them in class.

History in the Making

Professor Jed Shugerman, an expert in legal history, joins the Fordham Law faculty.